Wireframing Project: P2P Marketplace, Search & Discovery

As part of an exercise for an interview with an e-commerce marketplace in August 2017, I had to design some mockups for UI improvements to their main product and produced a 14-page slide deck with six wireframe mockups using Balsamiq. They ended up going a different direction with the product role, but it was a fun experience to go through my mockups with their founder, CTO, and other product managers. You can find the mockups here.

Slack Bot: Moneypenny Tools

Ms. Eve Moneypenny is a bot that reports your daily sales figures from Amazon marketplaces to Slack. With 11 global marketplaces in the world for FBA sellers, this tool was created to save sellers time from logging in to each Seller Central account. Currently still in development as I’m looking to code it myself. Check out the UI mockup on Figma here.

Build My Online Store iTunes Podcast (May 2012 – Jan 2017): Link

This is an iTunes eCommerce audio podcast I started back in May 2012 that gets around 12,000-20,000 monthly downloads. By the end of 2017, the show will pass 1,000,000 total downloads. It started off as interviewing other eCommerce entrepreneurs that sold physical products online, with stories of travel and entrepreneurship thrown in-between. I currently co-host this with Travis Marziani, who co-founded a family business called BDancewear and also started a new business called Performance Nut Butter in May 2017 on Kickstarter.

Forever Home Blankets (March 2016): Link

Started as a Kickstarter project (here), this idea raised 301% of the goal to help homeless animals stay warm with high quality micro-fleece blankets. Everything from sourcing, design, fulfillment, and media production was completed as a one-man project by myself. Currently the store is hosted on Shopify, and orders are fulfilled between Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and my friend’s warehouse in Brooklyn, New York.